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Friday, October 16, 2015

This is not how we want to "seize" the day (night)!

Our beautiful, fun, spunky daughter had a seizure on Thursday night. It was the first time she, or any one from our family, has ever had a seizure. It was a terrifying experience. One were you realize just how powerless you are (as in through your own willpower). There was absolutely nothing we could do to stop it. All we could do was watch and pray.

Through the entire ordeal, we see YHWH's providential hand upon us.
  • She wanted to sleep on the loft bed, which she never wants to/cares about. Daddy didn't want any more arguing, so he put an end to the bickering between the girls and said she got the top that night.
  • Daniel and I were still awake and just watching a show on the computer. *mind you, we are hardly ever awake at 9:40pm. We go to bed before 9pm most nights!
  • She did not fall off the top bunk when she started seizing.
  • We were able to call for an ambulance and someone spoke English very well...mind you the local language is not English.
  • Our community is full of people who care and love and show concern. 2 mommas stayed with our other 2 sleeping kids while we rode in the ambulance to the hospital.
  • A neighbor is a doctor, and just being explained how the process works, how there's not normally damage, and many times it's a 1 time-doesn't-happen-again occurrence helped to ease our apprehension. He followed the ambulance to the hospital and helped us understand what to expect. The ER doctor spoke English well enough. The pediatric doctor didn't speak English.
  • We were provided with another ambulance ride to a different hospital that has a pediatric neurologist.
  • The second hospital ER staff spoke English well.
  • The doctor from this morning spoke English well.
  • Our insurance covers all of this.
  • Our neighbors have been caring for our other 2 kids.
  • So many people have offered to watch our kids, make us meals, pray for us and help us in any way possible.
  • Pastor Garay and his wife and Chaplain Bryan have come to visit, talk and pray with (and over) us.
We truly are blessed beyond measure. We are so grateful for everything. I've been reminded to cherish each moment because I'm not guaranteed another day with any of my kids. I've been reminded to focus on loving rather than nagging my kids.

She does not look like she had a seizure, but she did just 3 hrs prior!

Off for an MRI, and starting to look more tired:

Starting to really look tired and beat:

Almost 24 hrs later. She looks exhausted, on edge, NOT peaceful. It breaks my heart. Every twitch, every moment of clenched teeth, every movement awakens me, hoping it's not the start of another seizure.

She has not had another one, PRAISE MY CREATOR!

So at 9:40pm on Thursday night, Oct 15, 2015 our daughter was sound asleep, but then she began shaking the bed. It was loud and I thought the girls were playing, so naturally I entered their room annoyed, thinking, "What is she doing?!" I climbed up the side of the bed to see what was up. I saw my daughter stiff as a contorted board , shaking, twitching, like someone was shaking and bouncing her all at once. She was foaming at the mouth, not responding to me and her eyes were like they were rolled back (I was peering over the bed from the top of her head). I threw on the light and yelled, "Daniel! Daniel! Yahaira's having a seizure!" He ran in all shaky, climbed up, got her and took her down while I called for help. He held her, trying to get her to "wake up". Her eyes were open at this point but staring into nothingness. She was not "there". He laid her down and tried to pry her mouth open because she looked like it was a struggle to breath. She clenched down and got his finger good. It took strength to keep her from seriously hurting his finger. After I got off the phone I ran to our neighbor's who's a doctor. He wasn't home. My daughter's friend had answered. She asked what was wrong and I told her Yahaira was seizuring as I started to run home. She seizured for 5-7 minutes in total. After she became responsive and said she had to pee, so Daniel put her down to go potty, only to watch her fall because she couldn't stand or walk. She tried to flush the toilet, but could only swing her left arm at the toilet. She didn't have muscle control to flush. She wanted to sleep, but Daniel kept trying to keep her awake. There wasn't anything for me to do, so I went to our community entrance to wait for the ambulance. And I waited. I asked for healing, safety and long life for her. It was then, with nothing to do...being so powerless and alone that I saw the blessings of the Spirit's leading. I immediately praised YHWH for all the things He did to provide and show His care. My helplessness turned to thankfulness.

During that praise session, the doctor and his wife pulled in. Their daughter had called them. My friend just hugged me, holding me and just letting me cry. It was relief to my weary soul. She waited with me for the ambulance while he husband went to check on my daughter. After the ambulance came, he followed us to the hospital to be support. He then gave Daniel a ride home while Yahaira and I were transferred to another hospital. Without out that ride, we would have been at the hospital without a car to drive home with.

Two friends stayed with our sleeping kids so neither of us had to leave Yahaira. At the 2nd hospital she started to wake up and finally became her normal goofy self after an hr. Maybe it was the IV fluids they started there right away, maybe it was God's healing,  maybe it was rest. Whatever it was, she perked up.

Since she had no fever, no cold, flu or other like illness and the seizure lasted so long, she was admitted to the hospital for observation,  an MRI and an EEG.

Now we wait...


  1. Praying for you and your wonderful family!

  2. Praying still. Such power in hearing you tell and show our Father's hand.


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