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Friday, November 14, 2014

Homeschooling Field Trip

Yesterday a group of us homeschoolers took a field trip up to the Seoul Children's Museum. There were 13 of us who braved the cold morning to take the subway up to Children's Grand Park in Seoul. Ms. Kathleen came prepared with hats and gloves for her kids (sorry children of mine, you were troopers though). I brought some snacks to share though! Ms. Vicky showed us the cool (not literally) coffee drinks that come out piping hot (literally) to warm your hands up (and then drink when the can has cooled down).

No seats? No problem! We know how to sit around and entertain ourselves...and some old Korean men too. One of them kept chuckling during our 40 minute rapid subway ride to Gasan Digital Complex.

Once on line 7 we finally scored some seats (after a stop or 2). We either scared A LOT of Koreans off the subway, or everyone was already planning to get off. Win-win for us:) Again, Ms. Kathleen is an obvious homeschooling momma. She came packed with a story, which she read to the kids (and any ease dropping Koreans) as we rode along on our other 40 minute subway ride. She also whipped out blank paper and coloring supplies!

Most of the kids at the big ol' map of Children's Grand Park

Inside the kids had a great time playing, touching, building, pretending, drawing and learning. As usual, my kids didn't want to leave, but members as we are, we can always come back another day:)

We spent a little over 2 hours at the museum then set of on our journey to get some food and head back home towards Pyeongtaek. Instead of taking the subway all the way back home, we opted to try the express bus. So we took the number 7 line from Children's Grand Park to the Express Bus Terminal. It was a maze trying to find the ticket counter, but thanks to Vicky's husband (who can understand the Korean that he reads) we purchased our tickets then waited 20 minutes for our bus ride home. It was nice to have our own seats to sit in, as well as not have to worry about kids getting off at the wrong stop, but I'm still a cheapo and like the subway fare price (a little less than half of the bus fare price). It was only 50 minutes from the Express Bus Terminal to AK Plaza (and 15 minutes from the museum to the bus too I think). Getting lost in the maze of the bus terminal, and having to wait since the other bus had just left, kept us from arriving at AK Plaza any sooner than the subway, but it was a fun time and a great experience. I look forward to more field trips!

Most of the kids had a buddy that was around the same age. It was great that the girls got to hang out with another girl similar in age. They were spared the "boredom" of having to play with each other. I use quotes because my girls do love to play together most days.

Maybe once it snows I can organize a snow tubing field trip. I know of a place near by that does snow tubing:)

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