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Friday, September 5, 2014

Riding the bus

Today the kids and I hopped on the 15 bus and headed out to see where it would take us. It took us up into Pyeongtaek. We got off at AK Plaza to see all the stores it had (there are 7 floors). I found the cultural center my neighbor had told me about. I think the girls will be signing up for ballet and Daniel for a mommy and me class. I didn't sign up then and there since I didn't have cash on me and I still wanted to talk to Daniel about it.
After exploring AK Plaza we went out into downtown Pyeongtaek and walked around a bit. We went to a shop called The Art Box and ended up getting Braden some stuff for his birthday. Then we went back to AK PLaza and got on the 20 bus. I knew the 20 takes you by the base, and I wasn't sure where to catch the bus going in the opposite direction. So, we rode the 20 to the end of the line and got on a new 20 going back to where we came from. Once getting back in to downtown, Daniel was asleep and the girls looked tired. I asked if they just wanted to get of and on to the 15 bus and head straight back home. Yahaira said yes. She said, "Mommy, look! There's the 15 in front of us!" We were unable to make the switch between those 2 buses, so we ended up waiting 10 minutes or so for the next 15 to show up where we got off.

There were a bunch of Korean girls that were doting on the kids while on the buses. Israella was a rude little girl. We've been trying to work on her just acknowledging that a person has spoken to her, let alone saying thank for the compliment, or responding with her name when asked. I thought we were getting somewhere, but then today she just stuck up her nose (literally) and gave them the shoulder (literally) over and over again, ignoring my insistence that she at least say thank you. I know she is shy. I know she doesn't necessarily like the attention from strangers. However, there's shy and then there's just plane rude. And rude it was today.

Before we headed out this afternoon, my next door neighbor told me about the Seoul Bus app. It tells you where nearby bus stops are, when the next bus will arrive and you can also search different routes. It's great:)

I'm thankful for neighbors who give advice and help us navigate life in Korea!

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