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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Maybe I'll be teaching some English next year

Today I was privileged with being able to go to an unwed mothers' shelter and have lunch. Most of the girls are teenagers. Some babies were so young, and all of them were so cute! I hated not being able to speak directly to the women there since I know maybe 5 words in Korean. We had an translator though, another lady from the ladies' bible study I attend. We had gotten on the topic of practicing English, and Angela told me the girls were too busy, but the ladies that work in the office and run the home would love to have a native English tutor. She then bluntly asked me if I would do it. As much as I wanted to say yes and jump right in and serve, I knew that would be foolish. We have 1 car, I have 3 kids who are a little on the wild side lately, I don't even know where to begin in teaching English as a foreign language. So I told her maybe in January I would be able to.

I had wanted to become TEFL certified before leaving the States, but the timing didn't work out. My intention was to try and teach English at an orphanage. But here is a door Yahweh is opening up for me. And how great would it be to minister to those who they themselves are ministering to so many other people. So, I'm going to look into the online program that the company I originally intended to go through offers...though I personally dislike online learning very much.

So, we'll see if Yahweh Elohim works everything out to start teaching English to these ladies. The biggest need would be to find that Korean au pair (nanny) I'm looking for. We would like a young lady to come a fews hours, 2-3 times a week, and play with the kids and speak to them in Korean, so a.) They hear the language spoken directly to them, in the context of their playing, and hopefully they will pick some of it up. b.) To give me an opportunity to do some other chores and errands (ALONE) that take so. much. longer. with 3 kids in tow. c.) To give me an opportunity to find a place to minister at and d.) To just have a break every now and then. The second option is to enroll the kids in a Korean school for the morning hours, so like 9-11. I personally would prefer the au pair.

So, we'll see what happens. I am thankful for being able to shared the love of Christ even without speaking Korean.

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