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Friday, August 15, 2014

Lost in translation

Yesterday we ventured out into the wild world of Itaewon Seoul, Korea. We wanted to eat some real Korean food, and we sure did. We found a tiny little shop and got to ordering stuff that we didn't know quite what it was. Daniel thought he was getting a spicy chicken kimchi. He got a boiling hot stone of spicy tofu kimchi. Oh well. He enjoyed it none-the-less, though he got a nasty burn on his finger from spilling some of the liquid on himself.
 The girls and I ordered some cold udon noodles. Yahaira was a good sport and ate her serving, and even a small second helping. Israella ate the cucumber strips and hard boiled egg. She didn't care for the noodles much.
 Little Man was asleep in the Ergo. It is very hard to eat noodles with chopsticks and not wake up a sleeping kid on my chest. He woke up near the end of dinner.

After dinner we stopped by a small gelato popsicle shop to get some dessert. Yahaira got mint, Israella got raspberry with chocolate and nuts, I got mango and Little Man got a free star shaped mango. They were pretty good. The location link is for where the store was located. It's called Toping...I think they left out a "p".
Our cab ride out to Itaewon was $4. Our dinner was $11. The popsicles were $11. Our lost in translation cab ride back to the hotel was $3.2...we ended up getting out and walking 2 blocks to the hotel.

While we were sitting in the restaurant, we realized that we didn't know any words to order food in Korean. The most important one being shrimp. Daniel is deathly allergic to shrimp. We might want to figure that word our so we can avoid it when eating out.

새우   ~shrimp

We'll see what adventures today brings...

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