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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Learning to navigate the Seoul subway system

Saturday and Sunday we went out into Seoul and figured out how to use the subway system. You have to buy a T-Money card that you fill with a cash value. Then you scan your card when entering into the subway system, and again upon leaving at your destination. The amount deducted from your card is based upon where you've traveled to. Children under 6 are free, ages 6-12 are super discounted (over half the adult fare) and ages 13-18 are at a slight discount.

*If you just want a single use ticket you pay the adult fare for anyone age 13 and over. Ages 6-12 are half price and children under 6 are free. For a single use ticket you must pay a 500 won deposit that will be refunded upon returning the transit card after completing your journey.*

The stops are labeled in Korean and English and each stop is announced in both Korean and English. It is super easy to understand where you are at. The stations and trains are very clean. I mean, way cleaner than you would find in most places with metros in the US. We rode on the weekend, and the trains were not crowded at all. Maybe they are super crowded on weekdays?

We didn't research anything about the subway system ahead of time, we just hopped on it Saturday afternoon (though Daniel had purchased 2 T-Money cards at the hotel before venturing out to the Hello Kitty Cafe). He was told to purchase a child card at a convenience store. Again, lost in translation. We ended up changing Daniel's T card into a child one when we were trying to purchase a specific child one. Not knowing what we had just done, we found another convenience store and purchased a Cash B card for Yahaira...which is like a T-Money card, but only valid in the Seoul metro area (which we didn't know). *T-Money cards are valid on all public transportation throughout Korea* Then he used the T-Money card for his fare (again, not knowing it was a child card now). Back at the hotel he asked how to check the balances, and ended up finding out his card was now Yahaira's card, and the Cash B card was also hers, but only good in Seoul. I guess he just broke his first Korean law, riding the subway on a child's fare. So he bought another T-Money card and now we have 3 total and 1 Cash B card. If you want a website that explains things in English go here.

I love that kids can not fall onto the tracks! The tracks are separated by a large glass wall with automatic doors.

Enjoying her fist ride on the subway
Clean and not crowded
Gas masks are scattered throughout the subway system.
I guess it's best to be prepared...

Learning how to read the stops and figure out where you are on a route

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