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Friday, December 5, 2014

Oh yeppuda!

So, 2 and a half months after arriving in Korea, we came across a lady who was moving and her children had done some modeling while living here. She gladly shared the contact information she had with us and a month after we sent some agencies the kids' photos and info, Israella was hired for a 2-day photo shoot. Maybe 2 back-to-back FULL day photo shoots is not the way to ease into this, but it's what we were offered and so we accepted. They were long days when you add in the travel time. Having learned how things work, *if there's a* next time we will have everyone come along, and we'll get a hotel in Seoul. That way we won't have to get up super early to make the 1.5+ hr trip up there. We also learned to bring along toys to play with. We were fed great and the staff were so v.e.r.y. patient with all of the kids. Their photos are amazing. It is so awesome what they can do with a light and some white and black boards. That's why they are the professionals. It makes my pictures look like doo-doo.

The shoot was over a 2 day span, at 3 separate locations. The first location was a botanical garden just south of Seoul. We were there from 9-2:30. It was cold out, but they had space heaters and plenty of snacks.

She was so excited to get her hair and make-up done. She loved trying on the clothes.

She wasn't exactly sure how to act at first. Once she loosened up and just played around she relaxed into her natural smile. By the time we made it to the second location, she was her natural bubbly, sassy, smiley self.

Breakfast snacks

The 2nd location required riding in a car elevator. I had never seen (or even heard of) one of these before. It was kind of trippy. Made me a little car sick too.
 The 2nd location was on a 7th floor studio, so Israella got to look out over Seoul.

Running around with the other kids:

 Playing in the sand while waiting for her turn.
They can take this and make it look as if the kids are truly at the beach!

 I enjoyed being able to see their photos on the monitor.

 See, so much better than I could ever take.
 Day 2 we took the train to Seoul, instead of driving. I did not want to be sitting in Friday night Seoul traffic for hours on the way home. It was a cold morning, well cold day. But the shoot was all inside and at 1 location on day 2.

Excited to begin her shoot. She had a lot of fun in the morning, then she got sassy and stubborn for part of a shoot and then she cooperated again for the last few shoots.

This outfit was so stinkin' cute! All of these clothes are so stinkin' cute! SKARBARN is clothing I would love to have me kids wear all the time. It's adorable and simple and comfortable, and did I say adorable?!

The kids goofing off, wrestling around
Sharing iPads to watch movies on:
Still doing well, but becoming a little less cooperative:
 Then there was another shoot, but being bratty, I didn't take any pics. Afterwards, a delicious lunch and time to play helped to have a happy cooperative kid again:
 The girls looking at a picture from one of their shoots.
Playing while they get the setting right:

The last shoot! We were ready to go after this. We got stuck in traffic going to the train station, so we had to wait 30 minutes for another train. It wasn't too bad, just long. I fell asleep on the train, but YHWH is gracious and woke me up *literally* a minute before we arrived at Pyeongtaek. Blessing!

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