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Colossians 1:10

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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Reading is fun

Today Yahaira read the book Magic Tree House: Dolphins at Daybreak in its entirety. From cover to cover in a few hours. She read it in her head and out loud to all of us. She is a pretty clever girl and figured out the answer to the riddle right when she read it. Come to the end of the book, and sure enough, she was right (minus the giant part of the name).

I'm so thankful that Yahaira has begun to enjoy reading. She has always loved being read to, but has struggled with finding the joy in reading on her own. Now that she is a strong reader, thanks in part to struggling through and finding out the way that worked best for her to teach her self how to read, she enjoys reading books. She's now a book worm, with her face always buried in the pages. She would prefer to be outside running around instead of sitting in a comfy chair reading. BUT! she does enjoy a good read every now and then. I can't blame her. I would rather be outside running around instead of reading; however, just like my wonderful daughter, I can been found deep in the pages of reading a book when time and interest permit.

What about you all? Do you enjoy reading? If so, what books have you found to be intriguing?

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  1. I love reading! My preference is the medical genre, but anything other than fiction. A book that fascinated me was Hallucinations by Oliver Sacks. It's a bunch of case studies dealing with hallucinations and neurology. I'll admit, it's not for everyone.


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