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Monday, September 8, 2014

Learning and lots of kids

Today was the Korean thanksgiving holiday, known as Chuseok. Pretty much everything was closed today, so we just stayed at home all day long...well, Daniel had to fly tonight, so he left around 2. Little Daniel ran around the house with Israella's backpack on, then got "dressed" into his t-shirt and underpants. We're having him go diaper free except at nap and bed time, or on long car/bus/train rides. He getting better at using the potty. Today he only messed his pants once. To cut down on laundry, I let him roam around in just underpants while at home/in the neighborhood. The neighborhood kids always tell me, "He's only got underpants on." I know, I know.
 Israella is a little stinker when it comes to showing how bright she really is. She lives in her own little world, where she can do whatever she wants and rarely likes to come back to reality. Daniel was asking her if she could say the alphabet. She replied with, "A. That's all I know." Daniel was annoyed. Then she walked off and started saying the entire alphabet. She got to K and then Daniel said, "Israella, what's that?" "K, Daddy. That's all I know. A and K." Stinker! Since she doesn't  want to do anything we suggest usually, and then feels left out when we spend time helping Yahaira learn the things she wants to learn, Daniel told her that when she can write her name they will go on a father-daughter date to AK Plaza and get some girly stuff (make-up most likely). She sat down for a few minutes and traced her name. Then it was off to la la land again. This girl is strong willed. She has been testing the limits a lot lately. Like all day long today. She will turn around when I haven't even sat down from telling her not to do something, and do exactly what I told her not to do. Then she throws a fit when the consequences come. For example, I told her not to play with the outside water any more, or she would be done for the night. Half a second later she goes for the water bottle I just took away from her and turns on the water. So off to bed it was, and she still was rebelling, getting up and leaving the house. grrr. But I love her dearly. I love her resolve, though not when it is to sin and blatantly disobey.
Yahaira has started to learn about chemistry. She is learning about atoms and molecules at the moment, how atoms join together by loosing or gaining electrons. How atoms interact when in a solid/liquid/gaseous state. She is learning how to read the elements of the periodic table: the atomic number, the atomic name, its symbol, the atomic mass and how many protons, neutrons and electrons there are. She has been playing a lot outside with our neighbors, especially the girl next door who is homeschooled too. This evening I noticed that Yahaira had created her own bow out of a branch and vine. It actually had some twing to it when she plucked it. The things kids create when allowed to go off and do there own thing...happy smile.
 This evening our neighborhood had an impromptu potluck. We were out socializing this morning, and around lunch time someone commented that we should grill out tonight. So, some ladies went and informed all the neighbors; at 5pm we converged to the back of the neighborhood, set up tables, put out food and had a wonderful evening. I knew there we lots of kids in this neighborhood, but I never realized that there were so many! It was great the the girls got to run around and play with so many other people their size. Little Man was all over the place, trying to eat people's food and drink their pop or juice boxes. Since Daniel was flying, I was stuck with Daniel control. Not too bad though, I did get to meet and talk with a neighbor who's hubby is in the same battalion as mine. Hopefully I will get to know these families much better as our time here progresses. I did find out that 2 of them are from the good ol' MN too:)

So thankful for a great community of people. I thank Yahweh for directing us to a great place to live for the next 2 years. He has us here for a specific reason and I'm eager to find out what the purpose is. All in His timing...

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  1. Haha Israella sounds like another red-head I knew growing up, funny...her name started with a vowel too. Yay for Yahaira liking science!!! It's a wonderful and fascinating world, I hope she will enjoy some of the magazines I sent with the books. Amanda you should flip through the Organic Gardening magazines I sent, they have some great recipes and ideas in them.


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