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Saturday, August 17, 2013

What does it really cost to raise kids?

This Newsy video really irked me the other day. Yes I said irked. I found myself verbally, and in the most annoyed fashion, critiquing the report whilst making breakfast as Daniel watched his morning Newsy fix.

According to the USDA calculator thing, we will supposedly spend just under $30Gs to raise our 3 little ones this year alone! $30,000? That's US dollars?! Um, no we won't. I love my children, but that's a little excessive...maybe that's why kids are so bratty...because parents are dropping nearly $10grand on a kid (and more if the kid is an only child, or 1 of 2 siblings).

I know you have to feed and clothe your children, but really people? Do you have to buy them $50 jeans (...I'm not too sure of the going rate on designer clothes as of right now, but it was $50 or more for designer jeans when I was a teenager)? My children get clothes off of the clearance isle, at the thrift store, or I make them for them. Or they get hand-me-downs. You'd be surprised at how cute an outfit you can make from repurposing some old clothes, but I'm just a weird hippie hippie shake.

They figure in a hefty cost for housing, but my question is: where would you live if you didn't have kids? On the street corner? In a tent? You've got housing costs whether you have kids or not! You don't have to upgrade just because you have a kid.

Then there's the childcare and education expense. Supposedly this year alone I'm spending around $5,460 to pay other people and/or the government to raise/train/indoctrinate (pick whichever word you like best) my children during prime learning hours (anytime between 7 am and 7 pm). Oh contrare monte fare. It is my responsibility, my duty, my obligation to raise the children God has entrusted into my care. It is not anyone else's responsibility, job, duty, obligation NOR RIGHT to raise these cherubs! My husband and I are to provide for them in every aspect of life: in the physical aspect of food, shelter and clothing; the spiritual training of them, teaching them who God is and what it means to love Him; the emotional aspect of loving them, protecting their innocence while they are still children and being a safe haven to navigate the emotions of life (that does not equate to condoning said emotions, but rather understanding how to glorify God in spite of said emotions); the educational aspect of teaching them how to function as autonomous people, equipping them with the knowledge they need to know to go out into the world and do the work that God has called each of them to (and He has called each of us to something different, but all working together to give Him ALL the glory). My children, and all children in my opinion, do not need to sit at a desk in a boring old classroom for 7+ hours a day for 180 days a year being told what to memorize (just to forget it as soon as they can) in the name of education. One size does not fit all in any aspect, and to insist that it does is naive at best. Why does someone who has been given a gift of sewing have to spend 12 years of their prime learning years doing everything except sewing (aside from maybe 1 or 2 home ec classes) for the majority of their school days?

Speaking of raising kids, I must go attend to, teach and play with my children. Maybe I'll come back and edit this to making a nice closing argument, maybe I'll just leave it like it is, abrupt ending and you something to ponder at least.

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