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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Money wallet

Tonight I finished the wallet I had started to make last weekend. It's like Yahaira's except I have 4 cash pockets and 4 card slots.
Button closure
4 slots for IDs and debit card
4 zippered compartments to hold cash.
I am going to try this cash only thing for April
...maybe that will curb the carefree eating out habit 
Thinner than my current wallet
 I started with this (and fusible interfacing on all the backs of the fabric)
 To sew the zipper pockets I sewed one side of the zipper the the fabric. Then I put wrong sides together (with the zippers on opposite ends) and sewed the other end of the fabric to the zipper attached to the other fabric.
 Then I UNZIPPED 1 Side of the tube that was created AND THEN sewed up the sides
Turn right side out and the you have a 2 sided zipper pouch that will be sewn down the middle to create 2 separate cash pockets.
I created two of these pouches and then made the outer shell (with card holders). Once the outer shell is complete, sew the pockets (1 on top of the other) down the middle (parallel to the zippers) to attach to the wallet; to create 4 separate pockets. I then attached the button and some elastic as the button holder. I can't wait to start using it:)

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