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Friday, October 26, 2012

Who are YOU voting for?

So Daniel and I have gotten rather annoyed...fed up with...disheartened...feel like we're banging our heads against a wall...(you pick)...with the same garbage we are force fed every election...

You have to chose between the lesser of the 2 evils...

What?! you're telling me I have the right to vote, but it's only between 2 people that have been pre-chosen for me? I don't think so. Ain't buying it. We aren't that naive anymore.

What really perplexes us, and saddens us, is that so many (the majority) of Christians, those who claim to be disciples of Christ, buy into that same garbage. We hear over and over again, if you don't vote for X than Y is going to win.

Well let me ask you this: if all of us Christians don't vote for X nor Y, but instead write in a godly man that honors God, would that make a difference? I would say it would. If anything it would make people wake up and realize that it's not a 2 party system that can be force down our throats.

Why should I vote for candidate X when he doesn't worship the One True God, just like candidate Y doesn't?

I'm not meaning to go all political on you all. I know I'm mixing the 2 taboo subjects (politics and religion) in one post, but we all need to wake up and think about how our choices honor (or displease) the God who made us and saved us.

Daniel and I have decided that we are not going to vote for evil. period. The Bible is pretty clear on false teachers/doctrine. You are not to follow after them. You aren't even supposed to receive them into your house, nor greet them (2 John 1:9-11). If I'm not suppose to receive them into my house, why am I supposed to chose to make them my president? I do not want to be a partaker of his evil deeds.

Now I know what your thinking: why can't he do good for us socially even if you disagree with his religious views?...aren't they 2 different things?... Well they shouldn't be 2 different things. If you have been bought by Christ and the Holy Spirit now lives inside of you, you should not separate the private you (spiritual) from the public you (non spiritual) because you can't. How are you to remove the Holy Spirit from your being? Who you are at home is who you should be out in public; otherwise you are a hypocrite and lukewarm. And if you're lukewarm God will spit you our of His mouth (His words not mine).

Wake up Christians! Be very careful in who you who you elect. Christ Himself warns us that false Christs, and false prophets, will arise trying to deceive the very elect (Matthew 24:24). This is talking about the end times and claiming to be Christ, but if someone claiming to be THE Christ is nearly possible to mislead those that have been saved by the True Christ, how much easier will it be for a false teacher to mislead those same people into following him when he doesn't claim to be THE Christ (yet his teachings are just as false) and he appeals to their earthly needs/desires?

We all will stand before our Maker one day. We all will give an account of the things we partook in. Sometimes ignorance is better, but now you have been warned. So think before you cast your ballot. Think before you promote someone. Think before you aspire to be like someone. And even more than that, seek God's wisdom. Why don't we all ask Him what He thinks of (_____fill in the blank) and wait for His response. God gave us a mind for a reason. We ought to use it.

We're not voting for Obama.

We're not voting for Romney.

We are seeking God and who honors Him.

Vote for who you feel honors God, but vote with the knowledge that you going to answer to God why you chose the people you chose. Please do not be like the Israelites and chose a man (Saul) based upon how he appeared outwardly. Instead seek a man who's heart is fixed on God (David). We fall, but then we are to repent and run back to God to be restored.

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