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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Blessings in Atlanta

This weekend we hopped into the car and drove to Atlanta on a whim. We drove up Saturday morning (arriving in the ATL in the afternoon). We found a hotel downtown and after a little rest we walked over to the Georgia Aquarium to look at all the fishies. We didn't see the dolphin show, but we did touch some sharks and starfish. We dropped a bucket load to get in, so we were determined to see every exhibit, even though it was getting late (it was open until 9pm that night) and the kids were getting tired and hungry. We oooed and ahhhed and then made a break for dinner. We were side tracked by a fun playground right across the road from the aquarium. So... the girls got to run around, and climb, and slide until we decided it was past dinner time. Finding a place to eat downtown at 8pm on a Saturday night without a long wait leads to arguments (mostly on my part). We did manage to find a place to eat without a wait, but since we were so hungry the food seemed to take for-ever to be served. We ate and then went to the hotel to get some much needed sleep.

This morning we woke up, ate breakfast, checked out and then headed back to the Centennial Olympic Park to splash around in the water fountain. Yahaira enjoyed the water, but Israella wanted nothing to do with it. She just sat contently in her stroller. After Yahaira decided she was done with the water we changed at the bathrooms in the park, then let the girls play on the playground again before heading back to the hotel to pick up the car and head to look at some stores. We browsed around REI and Ikea before eating Jimmy John's and heading back home.

Well, home had to wait a little bit since we had to make a much needed detour to Advanced Auto Parts. So, on the drive up to Atlanta our car started to make this horrible squealing sound on the front left wheel. It actually started making this wretched noise after getting the tires rotated, but it would disappear then appeal so randomly. It would squeal and squeal and only stop if you hit the brakes. So we were on I-185 North in the middle of nowhere and the car starts to sing to us again. We are over half way to Atlanta and so there's no turning back then. Well, I pull over on the shoulder a few times, do the random phantom breaking while cruising at 70 mph (maybe people's cars are singing and that's why they randomly hit their breaks on the interstate) and after a while the noise goes away. Ok. We make a mental note to get the car looked at next week once we get home. Well, once the car was parked at the hotel we didn't drive it until we were heading home again. We packed up the car and noticed the check engine light was on. No super big deal, since we knew that the noise was the wheel and not the engine. We headed for REI and while on the interstate the car started to sing (grind) again. Of course I'm all ticked off now, and Daniel's ticked off because I'm ticked off and rude. We try to get the noise to cease but it's useless. So we do our browsing, go to Ikea and browse some more then get some lunch. After lunch I ask Daniel if he'll find a car part store so we can at least figure out why the check engine light is on. We settled for one on the way. It wasn't in the nicest neighborhood, but we were truly blessed beyond measure.

The guy did the quick check engine diagnostic and it said our thermostat was reading lower than the true temp. Well, Daniel decided that he was going to take the front wheel off and look at the area. So he gets out the jack and starts to do his thing when the guy who did the diagnostic said he had a better jack we could use. Then this homeless looking guy comes over and asks what Daniel's up to. He says he can help look at it and once the wheel is off they all see that the brake is rubbing against the rotor. Daniel was thinking, "Great, now I have to figure out how to change the brake pad right here or try to find an open mechanic on a Sunday afternoon!" Well, the homeless looking guy commented, "You need a new brake. I can change that." Daniel asked how much. The guy said $30. We were up a creek so we agreed.

Turns out the guy sits under a tree outside the store with his tools and waits to find car jobs. We were very happy to be his customer! Daniel asked the people at Advanced Auto Parts if the guy was legit and they said the guy would be fine at changing the breaks. He had the brake pad replaced within 30 minutes. It was a wonderful opportunity to talk to the girls about how God blesses us, even when we are being so rotten and least deserving. Being so grateful we tipped the guy and gave him the jug of water we had just purchased for the drive. So if you are ever in the Atlanta area and have unexpected car trouble, go see Mississippi outside the Advanced Auto Parts off of Metropolitan Parkway. Praise the Lord for using our situations to show me my true heart and to call out to me and tell me to "calm down. I am here and I am caring for you."

There are pictures of the weekend to come...if I can ever find the USB cord...

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