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Friday, March 23, 2012

Getting Crafty

So I have been hoping to find a free pallet for a few weeks now, and low and behold, I came across one when I took the recycling to the recycling drop off. So I emptied the car of our recyclables and packed it back up with this pallet. I am (in the process of) making wall shelves for some of the girls' books out of it.

Start with the pallet:
 Cut next to the second board in (on the non curved side):
 Cut all the way through:
 Do the same with the middle and the other side:
(oh and let your little ones help, the saw isn't that dangerous! Especially if you are around to supervise)
 You will end up with a piece that should look like this:
(2 boards in back and 1 in front)
 Do the exact same thing with the other side. You'll end up with a piece that looks like this (once turned over):
 Cut next to the first board:
(Then cut on the other side the same)
 Again, let the little ones help! If they can stand and hold things they can try to help:
 You should end up with 5 pieces that look like this:
 Next, take the boards off of the middle piece (the one with 2 boards next to each other and 1 in the middle on the back side). Take 1 of those boards and nail it to the bottom of one of your other pieces. (it will go opposite the curved side (down were there are 2 pieces opposite each other):
 Turn it upright and sand, sand, and sand some more! (The sanding takes some effort):
 Once it's sanded and won't give little hands splinters, prime the shelf:
That's as far as I got yesterday, but then you paint it the desired color and attach mounting hardware to the back. Then hang on your wall and fill with books, or whatever it is you want to store. I'll post pictures when I finish our shelves. I'll get 3 shelves out of the pallet. If you have another scrap piece of wood you could get 4 shelves, but with mine I have 1 shelf without a bottom board.

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