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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Birthday Surprises

So the girls and I jumped into the car Sunday after church and headed for MN. We were on a mission to get to Stillwater, MN by Tuesday late afternoon. Our mission was to surprise Grandpa for his 55th birthday.
It was a LONG LONG LONG drive, but the girls were WONDERFUL!
I was so impressed with them that I told them we won't make the drive in November, instead we'd fly.
We are 5 hours into our return trip. No, I'm not posting this as I drive! We made a little detour to my brother's again. Free place to stay, free food, OF COURSE! We stopped by his place on the way to MN and stayed Monday night. Here is a picture of Israella and me at Uncle Vince's place.We did make it to Grandpa's house in time. I had actually called him to wish him happy birthday when we were on Hwy 36. Dad said that he was "waiting for me and the girls to show up for dinner, but that [he'd] be waiting quite awhile." Little did he know! I then said I had to go since we were almost to the store to get some flowers because Yahaira wanted to buy 5 flowers.
We bought the flowers and a balloon and headed down the road to Grandpa's. We managed to get there when others were entering the apartment building, so we snuck in then. We opened the door and no one was there! (Though I had just been on the phone with him 15 minutes before) I called Dad and he said that he was helping a neighbor get their fireplace lit. We waited and then finally heard him in the hall. Yahaira got the flowers and balloon and got in place right in front of the door. Waiting...
Where did he go?!
I popped my head out the door and saw him sitting in the lobby area. I smiled, gave a half wave and shut the door. He looked a little confused, so I popped my head out again real quick. He got up and finally came in. There was Yahaira with her flowers and balloon and told him, "Happy birthday Grandpa!"
We made him cry.
Turns out he thought to himself, "Man JoJo (my younger sister), you're looking an awful lot like Amanda" when I had stuck my head out into the hall.
To top the night off, Vince flew in from Milwaukee for the night and Dougie and his girlfriend drove out to Dad's for a family dinner. We were just missing Daniel, Jess and Chad, but duty calls.

Here are some pics:)

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