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Monday, March 31, 2014

Cat chair to cute chair

The best price for furniture is free baby!

I picked up this beauty on the side of the road (and another one to compliment it) on my way home one day.

It was covered in cat hair (and who knows what else). It smelled bad. But! It was sturdy (minus the missing arm piece). People see trash, I see the diamond in the rough.

I gave it a good wash down, ripped the old fabric off, washed the seat cushion foam (twice) and sprayed the entire thing with some random Febreeze we had chilling in the cabinet (I've never boughten Febreeze, but there it was). I went to the store and bought a cute orange patterned fabric to reupholster it with. Now that it's all said and done (and been done for a month or so) I should have just chucked the old foam and replaced it with new foam...I get a whiff of something if I put my face close to it, but maybe it's just all in my head because I know what it was like. Oh well. Live and learn. I still need to sand the bottom leg braces because they are torn up!...stupid cats...

The after picture:


  1. Wow!!! I love it!! Great job.

    Shannon G

    1. Thanks Shannon! I got your note way back...been meaning to write you back. Still down South, but hitting the road next month:)


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