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Monday, December 19, 2011

Sweater to 3 part outfit

This morning I was feeling adventurous and whipped out the old (and I mean old) sewing machine and made this skirt (and leg warmers and fingerless gloves).

First you start by digging out an old sweater, or going to the local thrift shop and buying a cheap one.
 Next rip the sleeve seams (be careful while doing this if the item is knitted like mine was...NO cutting or it will unravel).
 Cut the top part of the sleeves off to make a fairly even top (which you can fold down and put elastic in, to hold them up better, if you so desire).
 Since my fabric was knitted I sewed a zig-zag stitch around the top to keep from unraveling. Now put them on and sport your thriftiness:)
 For the fingerless mittens take the tops of the sleeves that you had cut off (of the part that was left over from the leggings).  Fold in half (left to right) with right sides together. Right at the curve on the top sew a straight line an inch or so. Now sew a diagonal line the width of your hand from the fold (right side).
 Cut the excess fabric off the left side.
 Zig-zag stitch at the top if necessary and presto! A fingerless glove.
Now do the same for the other hand and enjoy:)
 For the skirt, take the main part of the sweater and place a correctly fitting skirt on top for a pattern.
Place along one of the seams and cut around the skirt.
Sew up the seams.
 To add the apron cut a large rectangle of fabric and a smaller strip for the top.
 Gather the rectangle and sew onto the strip of fabric. Now sew the strip onto the skirt (sweater) at the desired height. *Do not sew the gathered fabric to the skirt or it will not be flowy. Make sure it is secured to the strip before you sew the strip to the skirt though*
 Fold down the waist, sew on some elastic and sport your uniqueness:)
She didn't want to wear it on her belly, so with the shirt up the apron seams a little low.
Cute as can be

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