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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Diaper Free

So I don't know how many of you know much, or anything, about EC (elimination communication). I first found out about it when I was pregnant with Israella and thought that EC was for hippie, granola cruncher crazies. I thought, "How dumb is that!...having to worry about taking your infant pee in the middle of the night when you're so tired to begin with. Having to deal with the stress of trying to get to a bathroom, trying to figure out when the kid's gotta go!" I thought to myself, "Cloth is plenty 'natural' for me."

Yesterday the girls and I went to Pea Pods in St. Paul. I went to look at the cloth diapers because I was wanting to try a Kissaluvs. I bought one and another Thirsties, along with Rockin' Green detergent and some booty luster. I browsed the books they had and saw one about being diaper free. I was tempted to buy it, but saw that I could get it cheaper used from Amazon. I went along my day without much more thought of it.

Well, last night I couldn't get to sleep right away, so I started to look up things on my phone like usual. I looked up EC to see if I could find out stuff without having to spend $10+ to buy a book. I found this website. It didn't seem too difficult now. I was kind of bummed to read that after around 6 months it becomes harder to start EC because the child has become accustomed to sitting in a wet/dirty diaper. It is, however, not impossible!

I tried it last night, with some success. I followed Israella's cue and took her to go potty twice in the night (both times she peed in the potty) when she roused. Today has been more of a challenge because she does not want to sit on the big potty. So I went to Target and got a kiddie seat for her. She likes to sit on it, but hasn't peed in it. She's peed on the floor 3 times though. Oh well.

I guess I did some EC when she was younger, without really know what it was I was doing. I would take her to the potty if I saw her pooping, which we had a handful of successes. I also let her push around and sit on her potty chair when we were back in NY. Well, I'm going to attempt to do this, and if it's too frustrating I can always put her back in the cloths.

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