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Colossians 1:10

That ye might walk worthy of the Lord unto all pleasing, being fruitful in every good work, and increasing in the knowledge of God. Colossians 1:10

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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

We're still in Kansas

I'm sorry that we haven't posted anything in so long. We have been enjoying our time with family in Kansas City. The weather has been rather hot, but everyone has central air so we aren't complaining one bit. People are shocked when we tell them that we only have fans, and not even in every room.

Our drive to Columbus, OH went well. It was rather enjoyable and uneventful (praise God!). We made very good time (something like 10.5-11 hours with stops). We had a very disgusting breakfast at the Denny's on the NYS I-90 thruway towards Erie, PA. I think that was the last time that we will be eating at a Denny's. (I'm pretty much done with eating out...I've been so unimpressed lately.) So back to the horrible breakfast. First off, the service was so slow and not customer oriented. Daniel and Yahaira went in while I stayed to feed Israella in the car. They had been at a table a good 10 minutes before I showed up. I got there and the waitress took another 15 minutes to come by to take our order. Just before she showed up I had commented that we could just grab some McNasty's (McDonald's) and hit the road. Well, the waitress showed up just in the nick of time I guess. Daniel ordered a steak burrito with the hashbrowns on the side, I got nachos and Yahaira got spaghetti. It seriously took over 30 minutes for our food to arrive. When it did Daniel dove straight in to his burrito. His hashbrowns were in the burrito, not on the side. He ate a bite, but was convinced that there was bacon in it (he doesn't eat pork if at all possible). I thought he was just paranoid, but he had me take a bite. The burrito smelt so strongly of bacon fat it was nauseating. I took a bite and it tasted as if the burrito had been smothered in bacon fat. We couldn't find any bacon, but its taste was overpowering. So Daniel's morning was ruined from that experience. He even chowed down on gum for the rest of the day to try to get the taste out of his mouth (and he HATES gum!).

The day brightened up when we stopped at an awesome kids' playground just outside of Cleveland. Yahaira got to run around, and Israella got to be free from her carseat.

I'm actually getting very tired, so here are some pictures from the trip. We got to see 2 plays (both with very clear gospel presentations), got mine and Yahaira's hair cut, swam, fished, rode ponies and played a lot to say the least.

Yahaira and Israella at the first play in Ozark, MO
Receiving her first shampoo and cut.
Thanks Aunt Ryann!
Looking all grown up with Aunt Ryann.
Mommy (and her new do), cousin Isabella and Israella.
Cousin Isabella and Yahaira at a park.
At Deeana Rose Park
Overland Park, KS
Riding a tractor bike.
Riding a pony.

Catching some fish.


  1. Great pictures, looks like a lot of fun! Yahaira you look gorgeous with your new haircut!

  2. Love the pictures Amanda! I miss the girls :( Glad you had fun on the trip, despite your horrible breakfast

  3. Yahaira's so funny in the shampoo chair:)


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